Project Zero returns to Xbox after an 18-year hiatus

Here is a piece of news that may titillate some nostalgic, Project Zero: the Priestess of Black Waters arrives on Xbox in 2021. Scheduled for One and Series X | S, this franchise is also known as Fatal Frame in Japan and the United States. This installment is the fifth in the series, but only the third to have appeared on our consoles, the last one dating from 2003, with the episode Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly. A trailer broadcast during E3 will allow you to get back into the mix.

Project Zero is a series released in 2001, during the rise of Survival Horror. More precisely, the time when resident Evil had created the standard and one in which all publishers wanted their piece of the pie. The atmosphere of this title by Tecmo stands out from its model by its atmosphere, based on Japanese folklore. But also by your camera, possessing supernatural powers that allow you to protect you from adversaries.

This new episode, well rather the remaster of the game released on Wii in 2014, will offer us the same recipe as before. A proven concept, different from all comers and taking in more than one way!

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