Promotional Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Bargain Price Offered to Launch Roborock S8

News good plan Promotional Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Bargain Price Offered to Launch Roborock S8

Published on 19.03.2023 at 20:05

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The Roborock S8 has just been released and this connected robot vacuum is already on sale on Cdiscount!

Roborock S8: robot vacuum cleaner at a bargain price on Cdiscount immediately after launch

That’s all ! Brand new Roborock vacuum cleaners are available for our greatest enjoyment. If you are still hesitant to arm yourself, this is a great opportunity, especially since the S8 is already available for sale on Cdiscount.

  • So you can save 150 euros at prices ranging from 699 to 549 euros.

Buy S8 for 549€ on Cdiscount

Household chores. Necessary, but very laborious work. If you’re looking to reclaim some time to enjoy your console, especially now that the PS5 is finally readily available, then you’ll need to take time off from sleep or cut back on housework. If you don’t choose automation!

With home automation, you can make your life easier by keeping your home in good condition. This is especially possible thanks to robotic vacuum cleaners such as the brand new Roborock S8, which can vacuum and mop the floor automatically.

You will only need to empty it from time to time and fill it with water. With an autonomy of 180 minutes, it will pretty much take care of your entire home before it gets emptied. The suction power of 6000 Pa (instead of 2500 for S7) makes it easy to vacuum any floors and even carpets.

His system also allows him to accurately identify his surroundings. It uses the PreciSense LiDAR navigation system, which allows you to create detailed maps and choose the best route for cleaning the entire house. It’s also entirely possible to ban certain areas so that it doesn’t get stuck in small spaces, for example. And if your house has several floors, it will be able to recognize them automatically!

For its movement, you can count on an effective obstacle avoidance system thanks to structured 3D lighting and infrared imaging technology. Thus, S8 will avoid potential risks when cleaning your home.

His mop effectively cleans the floor thanks to a system that wipes the floor with constant pressure at a speed of 3000 rpm! For example, when the robot arrives on the carpet, it will rise 5mm.

Thus, Roborock S8 is a good improvement of its previous generation, S7, and will let you forget about cleaning for a long time!

Buy S8 for 549€ on Cdiscount

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