“Propaganda”: in New York, a woman breaks an ad in favor of the Covid-19 vaccine

A woman, described by the Daily Mail as a “New York subway driver,” attacked a poster campaign on the dating site OkCupid suggesting that only the vaccinated can have intimate relationships.

In New York, a woman tore up an advertising poster with highly suggestive content: while taking the New York subway, this woman, described by the Daily Mail as a “New York subway driver” voluntarily tore up a poster that she considered indecent. . The images were broadcast on September 22 on social media.

The targeted ad features two open mouths connected by a tongue and the slogan “Every Single Vaxxer,” suggesting that only the vaccinated can enjoy the pleasures of meat.

“Propaganda”, “Disgusting” …

Some passengers agreed that these advertisements were inappropriate. In the video, another lady can be heard declaring: “This is propaganda, it has negative effects on the youngest, it is disgusting!”

In the video that has gone viral, the woman who tears up the poster claims that the message these ads convey is a form of “social engineering.” “They are trying to divide and conquer us. The government is against us and you don’t see it ”, he assures us.

She is also angry at the ads promoting Covid-19 vaccines. “Do you sincerely believe that by getting vaccinated, all of this will go away?” He adds. “He [le Covid] It will never go away unless people say we don’t want them anymore. “

In her tirade, the woman explains that it would make more sense to have a “fat pass” rather than a “vaccine pass” because most patients who develop serious complications from the disease viruses are obese.

He then points to an ad by clothing retailer Old Navy promoting “bodily equality” by insisting that “it’s not about equality, it’s just communism.” In the uploaded video, we hear the passenger who was filming the scene haranguing the other passengers: “Take it easy! This is courage, saying no to propaganda! “

A regular dating site in shock campaigns

This poster is part of a marketing campaign launched three years ago by the online dating site OkCupid. These ads, which are intended to be “inclusive,” praise the so-called “DFT” lifestyle, an American slang abbreviation for “Down To Fuck.” The OkCupid dating site allows you to choose from 22 gender options and 12 different sexual orientations for user profiles. A new feature introduced this week allows users to highlight their views in favor of abortion or vaccines with a special badge attached to their profiles.

OkCupid’s latest marketing campaign is highly politicized in nature, including slogans such as “It’s okay to only date pro-abortion people” or “It’s okay to have strong beliefs and abandon them for one night.”

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