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If its versatility appeals to you at first glance, be careful anyway, it is better to have a little space at home to be able to store it. Indeed, with its 20cm high dust collector and its various accessories, the M8 Pro is a bit bulky. However, its classic but sober aesthetic allows it to be visible in the accommodation.

Opening it, we discover a complete package: the robot, its dust collector, a side brush, 2 cleaning mops, 3 waste collection bags (including 1 pre-installed), a cleaning accessory, a remote control with its batteries, a HEPA filter (in addition to the pre-installed one), a quick start guide and finally a user manual.

The surface of the robot is very classic: a start button and a reload button, as well as a new laser rangefinder, which is more efficient according to the manufacturer.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Under the device, there is the dust container (280 ml) with its water reserve (300 ml), a spiral brush, a side brush, 2 large wheels and a directional wheel.

Bottom view

The dust collector has a touch-sensitive control panel with its home button, a robot call button, and 3 indicator lights for the fan, charging, and dust bag. It can be opened by simply lifting the cover and allows easy access to the dust bag provided.


Dust bag

Installing the app

If Proscenic recently updated its application for iOS and Android, the information is not mentioned in the quick start guide and the proposed QR code is not compatible with the M8 Pro. A message asks you to download the new version of the application.

Here, we ran into a first pairing problem and it took us several attempts to connect the robot to the home network. For dual band router owners, it is indeed necessary to define the 2.4G and 5G SSIDs differently. The more technophiles they get by without a hitch, the novices better arm themselves with a little patience.


Or opt for a piloting from the supplied remote control, but the functionalities will be reduced! In fact, the user will be able to access the control of the device, but programming, zone management and virtual barriers are only possible with mapping. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, the robot can also be voice controlled to start cleaning.

Application to use

Very complete, the Proscenic application offers multiple possibilities. General cleaning, cleaning by room, cleaning a specific area, washing, etc. It is also possible to easily adjust the suction power thanks to small pictograms, but also to adjust the water flow for washing. The programming of the robot is possible on a daily, weekly or personalized basis by room or by zone and the user can easily change the name of each room.


You can also access the cleaning history. We also appreciate the multiple configurations such as dust collection in each pass, or after 2 or 3 cleanings depending on the size of the house, or access to the useful life of the accessories (main and side brushes, filter, dust). Accessories that are also readily available on many online sites.

Creating “restricted areas” is also easy to do and makes it possible, for example, to avoid a long-pile carpet, even if the robot manages the different surfaces to be vacuumed well.


However, we regret the sometimes dangerous translations like “Find Nova” (the M8 Pro probably has a nickname!), Or “A button to collect dust” to send the robot to its collection base. Notification management will also be reviewed. Despite activating these on the smartphone, notifications are only shown when the application is opened.

Mapping and navigation system

We are pleasantly surprised by the first mapping. And this is one of the good points of the laser rangefinder. From the first pass, the robot makes a fairly regular and methodical path and the cartography is drawn quite precisely. After several passages, the map becomes even more accurate and allows us to easily find ourselves on the map.

In terms of navigation, the obstacles were cleverly circumvented and the robot left no marks on the furniture. It manages the passage of cables without difficulty, but finds more difficulties under the curtains and near the baseboards that it considers walls.



Thanks to its large wheels, it can also climb obstacles of about 2 cm without damaging them.


The return to the dust collector / charging base was perfect during our various tests and is appreciable. Then the collector starts up and vacuums the dust, avoiding the monotony of emptying each pass. A somewhat noisy operation but it only lasts about fifteen seconds.

Vacuuming, handling carpets and rugs

The suction quality of the M8 Pro is undoubtedly its greatest asset. On parquet, linoleum or carpet, it adapts its power and the surfaces are perfectly clean. We voluntarily deposited garbage on the ground which it sucked without any difficulty.


The sound volume increases on the carpet and may sound a bit loud. But on flat surfaces, the noise emitted remains correct and the sound level can be adjusted from the app so as not to disturb a family member who is sleeping.


Its autonomy is also one of its strengths and the manufacturer announces an autonomy of 250 minutes in silent mode. For our test, we made several passages on a 90 m² floor that cleaned in about 1 hour at normal power and its autonomy was still 67%.

An additional side brush would have been appreciable, as on the Neabot N1 that the editorial team was able to test, however its suction quality is still very correct and powerful.

The cleaning mop is also an added bonus of the M8 Pro and the water flow is easily controlled from the app. Very easy to install using a scratch system (after filling the water tank), it allows cleaning small daily tasks.


Less efficient than on the Ecovacs Deebot T9 + which has a rocking function, it won’t replace your usual mop, but this function is still very practical. However, be careful, it will be necessary to create “restricted areas” for the carpets that it does not detect automatically unlike the Ecovacs. The Roborock S7 goes even further by offering a vibrating mop that lifts up as it passes over carpets.

It competes with the Ultenic T10 model with very similar functionality and equivalent price but the Proscenic M8 Pro has the advantage of carpet detection. Note that it is also available in a collector-less version at around 300 euros, in which case it can be compared to the first Realme model, also very successful.


We are quite pleasantly surprised by the good performance of the Proscenic M8 Pro, which offers all the expected advantages with its automatic emptying station and mop. Efficient and autonomous, it offers excellent suction performance and its application has all the required functions.

Now available at a price of around € 500 (or 300 without manifold), it offers good performance and many functions at the simple aspiration level that have nothing to envy its competitors, whose prices are higher. A very good quality / price ratio without a doubt.

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