Protect your computer: keyboard shortcuts to lock your screen in the blink of an eye –

Computers have dozens of handy keyboard shortcuts to help you complete certain tasks faster. You can quickly close the current application (CTRL+W or CMD+W ), take screenshots (WIN+Print screen or CMD+SHIFT+3), or use the very useful CTRL+SHIFT+T or CMD+SHIFT+T to open a tab again browser. you accidentally closed.

The ones used to lock your computer if you’re away are probably the most important for remembering whether you’re working from an office or working remotely in a place where other people are present. An unlocked computer is vulnerable. Even if you are only away for a few minutes, someone can read your messages, send an email from your account, change your files, or steal sensitive data.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to secure your computer:

macOS – Lock your MacBook screen by pressing
Control+Command+Q. This hotkey will immediately take you to the laptop’s lock screen, and you’ll need to reenter your password to get back there. For even faster lockdown, press the power button once.

Window – If you are using Windows, you can easily lock your screen while you are away from home. Windows users can press the Control+Alt+Delete keys and select “Lock” from a list of options. You can also press the key Windows+L to lock the screen. If you don’t like keyboard shortcuts, you can also click the start menu icon, your username, and then “Lock”. article adapted by

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