Protesters Against Containment: Lawyer Wants to Settle Case Without Trial

The lawyer for two people accused of violating state of emergency rules by not wearing masks is trying to negotiate with prosecutors to avoid going to trial.

Ontario attorney Christopher Walpole has informed Judge Paul Duffie that he is seeking a settlement agreement or choosing a trial date for his two clients within two weeks.

Britney Lee Green and Nicholas DeAngelis are charged with violating the Emergency Measures Act by not wearing a mask on December 31, 2020, while “disturbing the peace” by yelling at a Superstore in Moncton.

They also allegedly resisted his arrest and hampered the work of the police on the same date.

They were not present in court on Wednesday.

Mr. Walpole informed the judge by phone that he had offered a settlement agreement to the prosecution and it was rejected.

However, he hopes to receive a new offer from them.

He convinced Judge Paul Duffie to postpone his clients’ pleas despite the fact that this stage has already been postponed several times in recent months.

Currently, the two co-defendants cannot leave the province due to an engagement with a judge.

I, Walpole, requested that this condition be lifted, but Judge Paul Duffie said that the two people involved must first and foremost physically appear in court.

The prosecutor Maurice Blanchard did not oppose the modification of this condition.

Walpole said the postponement “will pay off,” as lawyers can either settle the case or their clients can plead not guilty and set a trial date.

He has postponed his next appearance until October 20.

Ms. Green and Mr. DeAngelis also face other charges in connection with an anti-mask demonstration on January 24 in Moncton, as well as other charges of which they have pleaded not guilty. His trial is scheduled for May 17, 2022.

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