PROVEN Skincare announces international expansion; AI-powered, personalized, adaptive skincare is now available in the European Union and the UK.

PROVEN, an expert in personalized skin care, today announced its international expansion to the European Union and the UK. The products are now available for purchase. This international expansion of PROVEN is the first since its launch in Canada in July 2021. The PROVEN team has made the decision to deploy across the Atlantic in response to global demand for its personalized skincare solutions. The expansion comes after a period of extraordinary growth for the company, with the launch of the first new product since 2019, Eye Cream Duo, and a breakthrough patent that protects the use of PROVEN’s personalized skin care products.

Since its inception in 2017 and launch in 2019, PROVEN Skincare has quickly grown into a leading personalized skincare brand. Launched five products tailored to the unique needs of clients, won the 2018 MIT Artificial Intelligence Award, won the Glossy Beauty Awards for Best Use of Technology in 2022 for her own Skin Genome Project™, and recorded a turnover of over $30 million in just three years.

“I am incredibly proud to be able to provide PROVEN data and personalized AI products to customers in the EU and the UK,” said Ming X. Zhao, co-founder and CEO of FROM. “Too many consumers continue to rely on generic skin care products that don’t address their unique concerns and needs. PROVEN offers personalized, tailored and effective skin care solutions that take into account the skin, life and environment of the person it is intended for. The entire PROVEN team is excited to enter these new markets and offer clients unique skincare solutions that reflect them. »

In order to provide personalized skin care for customers in the EU and the UK, the PROVEN team has collected important environmental data from the region and released a major technical release to integrate it with the AI ​​that exists from PROVEN. Incorporating local environmental conditions into skin care formulas is key to creating effective skin care products.

PROVEN was created in 2017 by Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan and launched in 2019. Fully dedicated to a private equity-driven career, Ming Zhao, who worked hard, began to observe how it affected the quality of his skin. She then embarked on a personal mission to find products that could solve her problems, only to find that most of them were expensive, that their effectiveness varied, and that it took a lot of trial and error to find an effective product.

She told her friend Amy, who was a computer physicist at Stanford and also had skin problems, about it. Realizing that the beauty industry lacks a brand that delivers personalized and effective solutions, two women joined forces to create a holistic and personalized skincare approach that is entirely data-driven. Thus, PROVEN was born, using the power of big data and artificial intelligence to create personalized skin care products.

PROVEN creates simple, personalized and clinically proven skin care products at scale using its own Skin Genome Project™, the world’s largest beauty database. The Skin Genome Project™ considers the following data to develop personalized products for consumers:

  • The effectiveness of over 20,238 skincare ingredients.

  • Information on over 100,000 individual products (luxury, prescription, generic, etc.).

  • Over 20 million reviews from real people.

  • Over 4000 scientific publications.

  • Water hardness, humidity and UV index of the place where you live.

PROVEN currently offers five products tailored to the unique needs of customers. This product line includes a custom-made skin cleanser; day cream, personalized; individual night cream; day eye cream personalized; and a personalized night eye cream. Products can be conveniently purchased as part of skin care products or purchased separately.

PROVEN was only available in the US and Canada prior to this latest expansion.


PROVEN is a technology company that harnesses the power of big data and artificial intelligence to create personalized skin care products. At PROVEN, we are building a global self-care movement driven by technology and personalization. With our patented Skin Genome Project™, the world’s largest beauty database, we have analyzed over 25 million customer stories and 4,000 scientific skin articles to create skin care products that are simple, personalized and clinically tested. PROVEN is a Y Combinator alumnus and has won the MIT AI Technology Award 2018. To learn more, visit

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