Prozon is plowing its digital furrow in professional technical supply

On, businesses and communities can find signs, street furniture, equipment for establishments open to the public, packaging, processing or storage equipment, paints, resins, and more.

But instead of selling a variety of products available on the market, Gabriel Giral, a thirty-year-old computer engineer who came up with this in 2019 after taking over road sign specialist Mysignalisation in Oise, opted for one link. , by category, which allows you to quickly meet the needs of a professional.

Satisfy the requirements of professionals

“I wanted to offer a new value proposition compared to major competitor platforms, with top-notch market service at a lower cost and fast delivery to the hyper-tech product niches we are aiming for. 1. Our customers have very strict specifications or are looking for products with very precise specifications, they do not have time to spend time comparing all kinds of materials or equipment and their prices on platforms where anyone can sell anything,” says Gabriel Giral.

“Prozon is visibly responsive to what they expect,” the leader boasts. “Our conversion rate is at least 10 times higher than other marketplaces on the market. We have been profitable from the very beginning and all our developments are self-financed.”

One need = one product

The company, recently set up in new premises in the center of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhone), expects turnover this year to be between 12 million and 15 million euros. In 2020, it was only 1 million euros. The site, the leading seller of road signs, according to its manager, has 2000 products, in the future it should have 25,000 products, diversifying the range, always adhering to the same concept of an optimized offer. (technical sheet, photo, description) in connection with the expressed need.

For example, for a “Stop” road sign, the model is determined by its dimensions (from 400 to 1200 mm), the type of backrest (raw, varnished, etc.), the number of mounting rails on the back (2 or 3), its required minimum service life, its class (extra-urban, extra-urban, motorway), color of the rear, etc. And for installation, recommendations are formulated for acquiring the necessary materials (flanges, mast, mounting units, etc.).

Over 30,000 clients

A strategy that should lead it to become the French leader in the sale of technical materials and equipment for professionals and communities. Prozon already announces over 30,000 customers, including big groups like Michelin, Thales, L’Oréal, Ricard, Renault, Bosch…

“Today the market in France in terms of “traffic” is about 300 million euros. Due to the integration of other enterprises, this is 15 billion euros. We have enough to progress. We want to be present in all sectors where technical products are required,” he continues, specifying that 70% of the catalog is made in France. The clientele consists of 20% local government, 60% VSE/SME in the public works world and 20% small businesses and professionals who place their orders individually.

20 sets in sight

Prozon hit the milestone of 30 employees in 2022, and it hopes to hire 20 more this year. “We are very demanding on profiles, especially product managers who are called to help us grow the catalog, with a constant concern to be truly useful to professionals.”

Gabriel Giral also says he is open to French suppliers who want to enrich Prozon’s offering by fitting in with its concept, with products shipped directly to customers by partner manufacturers. “In three years we want to reach a turnover of 50 million euros,” he announces.

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