PS, Xbox, Switch: here are the best discounted video games for Black Friday week

That’s it, Black Friday and its series of promotions is finally kicking off with the traditional Black Friday week. As always, games are not left out and it’s time to add to your collection or carefully prepare Christmas gifts for the gamers around you. The offer is great, all shopping sites offer their discounts: luckily, Numerama has pulled out the best Black Friday video game deals for you.

And if you’re not too into video games, in this article we’ve rounded up the best Black Friday tech deals of the week.

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List of the best Black Friday discounted video games

PlayStation Gift Card

The €90 PlayStation Gift Card is currently available for €76.

With this card, you can top up your account with 90 euros for the purchase of digital games, as well as take advantage of a 25% discount on an annual subscription to the PlayStation Store service.

Black Friday Deal: PlayStation Store Gift CardBlack Friday Deal: PlayStation Store Gift Card

Take advantage of this offer to find out about all the discounts on PlayStation Store games on the occasion of Black Friday.

Persona 5 Royal on Switch

Persona 5 Royal // Nintendo

The famous saga is finally available on Switch. Persona 5 Royal promises beautiful action scenes in a well thought out scenario. The plot takes you to the heart of Tokyo, where you play as a classic high school student by day and become the master of the Phantom Thieves by night as you try to bring order and justice to the city. The supposed manga-like anime style and slightly jazzy soundtrack make it a great world and an excellent game that ranks among the best.

Black Friday Deal: Persona 5 Royal on SwitchBlack Friday Deal: Persona 5 Royal on Switch

During Black Friday, this is an opportunity to get this important game from the world of video games for less than 40 €.

hollow knight

Hollow Knight // Capture PS5

A wonderful action game in a new gloomy-dark universe. If it is not always easy to navigate, the most persistent players will be rewarded. The program includes openings and fights in incredible conditions. The handling of 2D images is perfect and the universe is simply breathtaking. This is a small nugget that we highly recommend.

Black Friday Deal: Hollow KnightBlack Friday Deal: Hollow Knight

Enjoy 20% off the original price during Black Friday on PS4 and Switch.

Kena Spirit Bridge

This enchanting adventure game will captivate you with luxurious graphics. You play as Ken. Empowered with magical powers, your mission is to guide souls to the afterlife. Go explore the world and try to unravel the mysteries, fight spirits and meet adorable little creatures that will accompany you on your magical and amazing adventure.

Black Friday Deal: Kena The bridge of SpiritsBlack Friday Deal: Kena Bridge of Spirits

Usually the game costs about 40€. By Black Friday, a promotion is planned for the last 2 PlayStation consoles:

God of War on PS4

God of War is one of the most popular games on the PlayStation. In this adventure game, you will have to face the threats hanging over Midgard. You play as Kratos and go on an adventure accompanied by your son Atreus. If you like hand-to-hand combat, and Scandinavian landscapes inhabited by hostile creatures do not scare you, then most likely you will like God of War.

Black Friday Deal: God of WarBlack Friday Deal: God of War

If you didn’t know, now is the time to discover this masterpiece and learn more about the saga before attacking God of War Ragnarok.

Forbidden Horizon West

This adventure game takes place in a pre-apocalyptic future. You play as Aloy, a heroine who evolves in majestic environments and encounters robotic prehistoric animals. The game is very beautiful with well-designed battle scenes.

Black Friday: Horizon Forbidden WestBlack Friday: Horizon Forbidden West

On the occasion of Black Friday, games lose about thirty euros on the last two consoles from Sony.

  • On PS4 Horizon Forbidden West usually costs around 70 euros.
  • On PS5 it costs from almost 80 euros to less than 50 euros.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7. // Capture PS5

The latest version of the famous racing game, exclusively licensed by Sony, offers multiple game modes and competitive graphics. Although not everyone liked the microtransactions built into the game, the developers returned to them to make the gameplay more interesting and fair for all players.

Black Friday Deal: Gran Turismo 7Black Friday Deal: Gran Turismo 7

During this promotional period, it’s time to save €30 on your purchase of Gran Turismo for PlayStation.

  • On PlayStation 4, Gran Turismo 7 costs less than 40 euros.
  • On PS5, Gran Turismo 7 costs less than 50 euros.

Saga Plague Tale

Find Amicia and Hugo in this highly successful sequel. If the gameplay can be improved, the immersion in the game will be complete, and you will quickly become attached to the duo formed by a brother and his sister who united to resist the evil that surpasses them. Graphically stunning and still touching, A Plague Tale Requiem will not leave you indifferent.

Available on the most recent nex-gen consoles, A Plague Tale Requiem sells for around ten euros each:

  • On the Xbox Series X, its price ranges from 59.99 to 49.99 euros.
  • On PS5, its price drops from €59.99 to €49.99 on Black Friday.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to play the first opus yet, this is the opportunity to discover it for just twenty euros.

Black Friday Deal: Innocence in a Tale of the PlagueBlack Friday Deal: Innocence in a Tale of the Plague

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

An important game in Sony’s catalog, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart offers efficient gameplay and confusing game play, all in impressive graphics quality settings.

Black Friday Deal:Black Friday Deal: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

For the occasion, you can get this superb PS5 exclusive for half the price.

Last of us

This PS3 remake of The Last of Us features a completely remastered version for the latest Sony consoles. The graphics are much more realistic, and the Dual Sense controller allows you to fully immerse yourself in the adventure.

Black Friday Deal: The Last of Us Part IBlack Friday Deal: The Last of Us Part I

Released last September only on PS5, the game loses twenty euros on the occasion of Black Friday.

A brilliant sequel to the first part that already blew the mind when it was released. This new opus has gameplay changes that we didn’t think of. The storytelling is still well mastered and the staging is simply superb.

If you have a PS4, now is the time to discover this nugget that costs less than 10 euros.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The latest part of The Witcher, taken from the Polish literary series of the same name, is one of the benchmarks for the adventure role-playing game genre. An epic adventure in beautiful surroundings awaits you.

On the occasion of Black Friday, the game benefits from a promotion of just over ten euros on PS4 and Xbox One in the Game of the Year edition. This edition offers all expansions and additional content in addition to the game.

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