PS4 exclusives prove popular for PC gamers on PS Now

Sony PlayStation Now, 12 Month Membership Card, Download Code, French Account

Twelve months of subscription to PS Now, Cloud gaming service to (re) discover hundreds of PS4, PS3 and PS2 titles for all tastes Access code to a huge catalog including PlayStation exclusives, hits, games for the whole family and monthly news Instant access from the home screen of your PS4 and via a free application on Windows PC, Full access to all online multiplayer modes with no PS Plus subscription required Streaming games on PS4 and PC (connection 5 MB / s min.) or download on PS4, Streaming cloud backups to switch from console to your PC and vice versa Contents: 1 12-month subscription card to PlayStation Now, 1 Code to download, France account, Also available with 1 month and 3 month subscription

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