PS4-PS5: buy the console at the best price on the Back Market

September 6, 2022, 10:33 am

September 6, 2022, 10:33 amAlexander Bardin

The ever-in-demand PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are available at a bargain price on the Back Market. Here are the best deals.

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PS5 stock status in 2022

2022 will not be an easy year for PlayStation hunters. Even though PS5 restocking is happening more frequently now, the console is being taken by storm in minutes, leaving a lot of people on the sidelines. And with the recent increase in the price of the PlayStation 5, the horizon is darkening for the most impatient, eager to dabble in the most beautiful games of the generation.

However, the picture is not all black. The inventory issues that console makers are facing due to semiconductor shortages are also opening opportunities for gamers. Many games that were planned to be released exclusively on PS5 are now guaranteed to see the light of day on PS4, such as the long-awaited God of War Ragnarok. The PlayStation 4 is an oasis for gamers with an extensive toy library. Many more years?

PS4 and PS5 at a reduced price in the secondary market

In the face of rising prices, repairs represent the best solution for players. Remember that refurbished consoles already belonged to the owner before they were restored to a similar condition by qualified professionals. Back Market, a website that specializes in selling refurbished goods, has PS4s and PS5s sold as such.

Good news ? They are discounted! This is a great side of refurbished products because, in addition to refurbishing them, their cost is affected by the fact that they have already been used. So you can enjoy consoles in very good condition at an affordable price. Take a look and let yourself be seduced!

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PS4 500 GB

miniaturePlayStation 4 500GB + The Last of Us Remastered – €279 instead of €349 rear market

PS4 1000 GB

miniaturePlayStation 4 1000 GB (perfect condition) – 327 euros instead of 499.95 euros. rear market

PS5 825 GB

miniaturePlayStation 5 Standard 825 GB + Horizon Forbidden West (mint condition) – 899 € rear market

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