PS4 sales: Mafia Definitive Edition down sharply

Mafia Definitive Edition has seen many price drops since its release. Today, Amazon sells it at the lowest price recorded since its launch. Enjoy it.

If you hadn’t touched the first game, this PS4 remake is an opportunity to catch up! For those who already own the famous PS5, the game is backwards compatible with the new Sony console.

Buy Mafia Definitive Edition for € 17.49 instead of € 39.99

PS4 sales: Mafia Definitive Edition down sharply

What you need to know about Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remake of the first episode of the series. Taking place in mid 30s underworld, you play a young mobster determined to make a name for itself and a place in the community. Forge a formidable reputation and become the envy of all in your quest for power within the Salieri family. This opus was able to benefit from a facelift specific to remakes, with a work on graphics as well as a global modernization.

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Score: 16/20

If we except its few technical glitches and its structure which sometimes makes one feel the age of the game from which it was inspired, this Mafia remake is a success. In addition to the graphic redesign, the modernization of the conduct and the gunfights, it is essentially the redesign of the dialogues, the addition of cut-scenes or certain completely redesigned game sequences that are the strength of this Definitive Edition. Mafia has finally regained its splendor and this remake will be a very good entry point for anyone who wants to discover a game that marked its time, with a little indulgence, while fans will appreciate this facelift that never betrays the essence of the original experience, while modernizing it despite its sometimes aging aspects.

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