PS4 won’t be retiring anytime soon

The retirement home for the PS4 is no! Sony repeats it, the console will not be abandoned in the short or medium term, it is even the opposite.

Since the launch of the PS5, we all ask ourselves a question, how long will her big sister continue to receive games?

Usually the cycle is around 2 to 3 years, but for the PS4 things will apparently last much longer.

At least that’s what the CEO and chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim ryan, who recently interviewed the magazine EDGE.

The strong man of the Japanese brand has given himself up to a few confessions and did not go by 4 ways when discussing the future of the PS4.

For him, no doubt, the console will continue to receive games as long as it is necessary. And for good reason, the firm understood that providing quality and regular interval games on PS5 would take time:

We feel that we have a great responsibility towards our community and therefore, we’ll keep making great games on PS4 for as long as the need arises.

I think over time you will find that the PS4 will be entitled to a longer lifespan than what you have experienced with the PS3.

Of course, at some point you will see that we will produce more and more games for the PS5.

Reassuring words for all those who do not intend to take the new-gen leap right away, and we hope that it will indeed be the case.


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