PS5 and Xbox Series X in the turn, KFC launches and unveils its new video game console

KFC is best known for being a fast food chain famous for its fried chicken. But the announcement of its video game console doesn’t seem like a joke. Indeed, the commercialization of this machine could arrive sooner than it thinks. LDPeople tells you everything in this articles. Details of the KFC console might surprise you. Because it competes with its competitors, the Xbox Series X and the PS5, but it has an undeniable advantage over them.

KFC takes on the giants of home consoles?

Is KFC no longer just doing fast food? This is what it would seem! If the fans initially thought of a big joke, the competing brand of McDonald’s or Burger King would be very serious. It will tackle getting involved in the war of home consoles by competing with Microsoft and Sony. It is not a given for Colonel Sanders. But the video game console that KFC offers has all the strengths of its opponents with a little extra that could make a big difference. This is a compartment that keeps your store menu warm. A few pieces of fried chicken would stay crisp and at the perfect temperature while you quietly play your favorite video games. Admit that this is an undeniable advantage that the Xbox Series X and the PS5 cannot claim.

As for the technical sheet of the new KFC console, everything looks ideal. It consists of a Core i9 (ninth generation), 2 TB of SSD, an Asus graphics card and PCIe NVMe technology. According to the information revealed by the brand and collected by your magazine LDPeople, it allows you to play your favorite video games in 4K at 240 fps and 240 Hz. So to speak, everything is done to make fans believe in the arrival of this new console. But like us, you can imagine that this announcement is a formidable publicity stunt as KFC knows how to implement. Indeed, it would be absolutely inconceivable for Colonel Sanders to face the giants that are Sony and Microsoft.

Marketing and stunning communication from the fast food chain

KFC is not at its first attempt to make advertisements that appeal to its audience. During confinement, the sign had even broken all the codes by advertising its direct competitor McDonald’s. Under the guise of solidarity, it was a very daring marketing work. With this console idea that warms up your pieces of fried chicken, in addition to all its performance on paper, KFC is riding the wave of public enthusiasm for next-gen home consoles. And thanks to serious partners, it once again succeeds in a master stroke. Communication at KFC no longer has to be proven!

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