PS5 and Xbox Series X | S could get their own version of Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil is at its peak; many players will agree on this, and it is that the Capcom saga has his present and his future very well covered. Just in a few months, specifically in May, the long-awaited village of Resident Evil 8 will arrive, and there are strong rumors that the next installment of the saga could be a new remake, especially of Resident Evil 4.

However, while waiting for the new material, it looks like Capcom has an unexpected surprise in store for fans that will arrive in the coming months. It seems that the Japanese are working on launching a Resident Evil 7 update to adapt it to the capacities of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, although that hasn’t been announced in the Resident Evil Showcase in the past. It will be necessary to see if it is confirmed and especially, if it is a free update (or it is necessary to go through the box as with Devil May Cry 5).

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