PS5: Are you struggling to find it? All this should soon become just a bad memory!

Christmas miracle after an hour. At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the high-tech trade show, Sony hailed the PlayStation 5’s success for the first time since its launch, surpassing the PS4’s growth performance over the same period despite multiple shortages. and Jim Ryan, Sony’s big boss, announced the end of the PlayStation 5 shortage and that stores around the world are about to find normal stocks. Let’s go back to these statements in more detail.

End of deficit

After launching in November 2020, due to Covid-19 and numerous other semiconductor issues, the PlayStation 5 failed. So much anticipated and desired, which has made it the world’s most requested Christmas gift for three consecutive editions, it has seemed to many a myth not found in stores or only available online at mind-boggling prices. The brand was unable to meet the demand due to the lack of electronic components to produce enough devices.

After over 2 years, the myth seems to have been dispelled, anyway, this is what Sony CEO Jim Ryan announced: “Anyone who wants a PS5 should be much easier to find in retail stores around the world. Hopeful news for more than one, as the coming year promises to be incredible in terms of video games, with very big titles like Final Fantasy XVI, Forspoken, Hogwarts Legacy or even Star Wars Jedi: Survivor coming to PS5. .

30 million units sold

Another piece of news from this conference is the success figures for the PlayStation 5. Despite the setbacks and unprecedented price increases since its release, Sony has sold 30 million consoles since its release. Increasingly faster growth, which coincides with the increase in its availability and the acceleration of production. For comparison, the PS4 is now at 117 million almost 10 years after its release.

Announcements that should now be followed by action because if the end of the shortage has been announced, it is still hard to find a PS5, but we believe that the situation will be gradually resolved in the coming days/weeks.

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