PS5: Atomic Heart unveils a new trailer focused on GeForce improvements …

Sony Playstation 5:

Mundfish has unveiled, with NVIDIA GeForce, a new Atomic Heart trailer. Naturally The video focuses on demonstrating the ray tracing and DLSS effects of GeForce RTX, but it also serves as a preview of this action game which, in addition to the PC, will arrive soon on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no specific date for Spain or the rest of the world.

Atomic Heart is described as an action RPG in an alternate reality, a dystopa after WWII where the USSR underwent a technological revolution by building robots and other innovations. The protagonist is a KGB officer who enters one of the corrupted facilities containing robots that have started behaving strangely.

The game itself is an open world with diverse regions covering the natural terrain and factories, secret passages, secret laboratories and more. Most enemies will be the machines produced in these centers, and each has been designed to meet a need of the people; however, they also have a combat program that can be activated in the event of a war, so they are ready to face our progress. We can craft weapons – and probably other types of items – with whatever materials and resources we find.

Designed for the new generation

“Next-gen hardware offers a unique opportunity to complement our artistic vision and deliver a game with spectacular graphics without the cut, which was absolutely essential in the current generation,” said development studio Mundfish, announcing that the game will also debut on PS5. and Xbox Series X / S. The benefits of the new consoles weren’t mentioned, but Ray tracing effects and better performance than the previous generation are expected to apply.

New Generation Atomic Heart

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