PS5: Codemasters forced to temporarily disable Ray Tracing in F1 2021

The ability of new generation consoles to exploit Ray Tracing technology is very regularly highlighted by their manufacturers. While some studios are already managing to use Tay Tracing in their PS5 and Xbox Series X | S productions, it seems more complicated for others. The case in question today is proof of this.

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Codemasters have just announced their decision to temporarily disable Ray Tracing in the PS5 version of F1 2021. This deactivation was made via the first major patch of the game, update 1.04, released yesterday by the British publisher. On the game’s official website, Codemasters explains their decision as follows:

PlayStation 5 only: We are aware of in-game instability issues related to Ray Tracing affecting a limited number of users on PS5. We have therefore taken the delicate decision to deactivate it temporarily to promote game stability. We aim to reactivate it as quickly as possible and will update this topic when the time comes.

Move back to better trace

It is interesting to see that Codemasters have made the decision to disable Ray Tracing for all PS5 players when the problem he says affects “only a limited number of users.” It appears in any case that this technology linked to lighting will remain present on the Xbox Series X and PC versions of F1 2021 while Codemasters seeks to resolve the stability problem present in the PS5 version of its racing game. And unfortunately for PS5 players, it doesn’t give an idea of ​​how long Ray Tracing is down in their version of the game.

Note that the second major change brought by patch 1.04 of the game concerns a bug that visibly affected all versions of F1 2021. Indeed, the patch fixes a problem of corrupted saving obtained after modifying the book of his car from the MyTeam HQ. The editor recently bought by Electronic Arts specifies that the backups corrupted by this bug can be used again after the installation of patch 1.04.

PS5 players, have you encountered any stability issues while playing F1 2021? Do you think Codemasters make the right choice to disable Ray Tracing for all users? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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