PS5: Discord voice chat coming soon, we explain how it works

PS5: Discord voice chat coming soon, we explain how it works

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Laura Laborde

The dataminer reportedly found footage confirming that Discord will integrate with the PlayStation 5 and how. A priori, the system should not be very different from how Discord integrated with the Xbox.

Last May, Sony announced a partnership with the instant messaging and VoIP (i.e. voice over IP) app Discord.

Long awaited feature

The integration of Discord voice communication on the PlayStation 5 has been a fan wish for some time now. If the collaboration between Sony and Discord was announced a few months ago, it’s Microsoft and its Xbox Series X | S were the first to qualify for this feature. A functionality that also integrates very well with the Xbox.

Discord integration brings more convenience as you won’t need to create a PS Party to chat with your friends: you will be able to transfer your Discord calls from your computer/mobile phone to PS5.

How it works

Screenshots taken by, among others, Twitter user advaith. They show how to add integration through the Discord mobile app.

Simply follow these steps in the app: Sign in to your PlayStation account. Connect it to your PlayStation 5, then join the voice chat. Players can disable in-game chat and use Discord channels, but this feature certainly won’t replace PlayStation’s native voice chat feature.

Keep in mind that the integration will not happen on PS4. We don’t have any other information at the moment, but Sony should reveal more about this collaboration very soon.

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