PS5: Dragon Ball FighterZ will receive two new fighters: Super Baby 2 and Gogeta SS4 Marseille News .net

Sony Playstation 5:

Bandai Namco He continues to have plans for Dragon Ball FighterZ, his popular fighting game which has seen notable success in Spain and the rest of the world and for which new fighters continue to arrive with whom we fight against our friends in the world. universe created by Akira Toriyama. .

A few hours ago, during the playoffs of the Dragon Ball FighterZ national tournament in Japan, the Japanese firm announced the new fighters who will come to their game as part of season 3, starting with the next one. January 15, 2021, day when we can start kicking, hitting and using powers Super baby 2. Of course, if you have the DighterZ Pass for the game, you can use this character a bit earlier, especially on January 13th.

The second character in the running is Gogeta SS4 which will also arrive in Dragon Ball FighterZ in the coming weeks, although this time around when it will debut in the game is unknown. Below you have a new trailer in which you can see Super Baby 2 in action.

Bandai Namco has distributed six million copies of Dragon Ball FighterZ

Another news that was given during the fighting game esports tournament is that Bandai Namco has already distributed a total of six million units of the game, including physical copies sent to stores and those acquired through digital versions. To celebrate the event, players will receive a new color for Vegeta’s avatars.

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