PS5: Engram, the next Maze Theory game will be on PSVR 2!

Our UK colleagues from VR FOCUS recently had the opportunity to interview Maze Theory CEO Ian Hambleton about their upcoming game in development. Engram. While setting up their development studio, the team worked on an original creation called The Vanishing Act. The project was renamed Engram and slowed down by other bookings such as Doctor Who: At the Edge of Time, At the Edge of Reality and 2019’s Peaky Blinders: Royal Ransom. However, the Engram project is not abandoned at all! Ian Hambleton told us a little more about his upcoming title in this exclusive interview:

“So we have Engram in the works and we are thinking about this title right now to delay it until the launch of PSVR 2 to launch it on Quest and PSVR 2 at the same time. What we decided for Engram was that the game would focus on the Quest version because we didn’t want to compromise. Making it cross platform sometimes you have to make design choices that compromise things… So it had to be an adventure game – because at the time we saw this as the future of VR – a PC VR version was also planned, but we didn’t did not do. I don’t need many other controller options that won’t make it as clean as possible. But now everything has changed with PSVR 2. [qui devrait arriver] the sensible thing is to move the title back. »

The Maze Theory boss seems to be talking here about the new Dualsense haptic features that will also be coming soon to the new PS5 VR controllers and could even be integrated into the PSVR2 headset… Anyway, the official PSVR2 version is changing Maze Theory’s development plans, which intends to transfer its title today on PS5 in VR to the upcoming PSVR2. While we can only show you one image of the Engram game and an old demo and test trailer for The Vanishing Act at the moment, it’s still very interesting to know that some studios are starting to work on creating content for the Sony PSVR2! We will return to this topic as soon as we know a little more about the Engram!

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