PS5: European sales are down, Switch and Xbox sales are up

European console sales data for 2022 released. And if Switch and Xbox sales are a hit, then PS5 sales are completely collapsing compared to last year.

This is news that is unlikely to reassure Sony. According to a survey released by media outlet Gamesindustry, PS5 sales this 2022 will be in a real free fall. The survey also featured Nintendo and Microsoft consoles. With the Switch and Xbox, which, unlike the PS5, are doing very well in sales this 2022.

The survey also shows Germany as the top European market for video game sales, with almost 15.4 million games sold in the first six months of the year (a 13.6% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2021). This is followed by the UK with 14.3 million sales (+2%), followed by France with 10.2 million sales (+12.1%).

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PS5 sales plummeted, unlike Switch and Xbox

So Sony sticks its tongue out with European console sales results in 2022. The year is still going on, of course, but the PS5, for example, is already behaving like a very bad student. According to Gamesindustry, Sony’s latest console is already seeing a 44% drop in sales compared to last year. Quite a significant drop, which is due, in particular, to the coronavirus crisis and the significant shortage of materials from which the sector is suffering.

On the other hand, Nintendo and Microsoft are smiling at them as Switch sales are up 7% from last year. And Xbox Series sales are even better, up 9% year-over-year. However, these indications must be stipulated, in particular because the figures must change again when the lack of materials becomes ancient history. Then it will really be possible to draw up a real picture of the figures of the gaming industry.

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