PS5: Fall Guys will receive a new level, 40 variations of existing ones and much more

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Spanish and international players are immersed in the third season of the popular title of Mediatonics, which debuted on December 15, betting on a winter and Christmas theme. Right now the season has arrived the equator of its life cycle, and that’s why the development studio has already announced the content that will soon be included in the game, as a prelude to season 4. A new level, 40 variations of existing levels, more costumes and a new DLC are some of the new features that will be implemented in the title.

Fall Guys: Season 3.5 Content

Mediatonics has followed the same strategy for its previous two seasons, using half of its tenure to update the game with new content. In the tweet that we left you on these lines, the development team is in charge of advancing the news that will be added to the title: a whole new level of which we do not know anything yet; and more than 40 variants to test that are already part of the game.

To this we must add that Fall guys Receive a new DLC pack, while Godzilla, Sonic, and Untitled Goose Game skins will be part of the game store as costumes that players can purchase at any time. Mediatonic also predicts that, in the coming weeks, “More shows and costumes” will come to this colorful battle royale.

Season 3.5 is coming loaded with news for players

Recently the game played in another title after the developer team confirmed that Fall Guys was not part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog, the Xbox subscription service. Currently only available on PC and PlayStation 4, this summer it became the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game in history, while on computers alone it saw 11 million copies sold.

A fun mix of battle royale and yellow humor, whose particular proposition is comical and remains difficult “, we write in our analysis. In order not to miss any detail, we also invite you to consult our guide tips and tricks.

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