PS5, FIFA 23, Sony TV: exclusive set on sale in Boulanger

With a 200 € discount, this package has become much more affordable.

10% off this super-complete set for FIFA 23.

To fully enjoy the best games of the moment, just buying a PlayStation 5 is not enough. You will need a TV and other accessories that they can afford. It fits within a certain budget.

With over 200 euros off, or 10% off the regular price of this package, Boulanger offers a slightly more affordable solution. This bundle, which includes the FIFA 23 game, Bravia 50-inch 4K TV, FFF headset, DualSense controller and PSN card for €50, starts at €1969.99 and costs €1769.00.

With Boulanger, you can pick up this set for free at a store near you. You can also choose from various shipping options. If this FIFA 23 set remains too expensive, the seller’s site also gives you the option to pay in installments.

PS5, TV and FIFA 23 bundle: everything you need to enjoy the new Electronic Arts game

We are no longer introducing the next generation console from Sony. In addition to supporting 4K Blu-Ray in the standard version, it offers unparalleled realistic graphics thanks to ray tracing. With an 8-core CPU, 16GB GDDR6 RAM and an AMD RDNA2 GPU, it delivers exceptional fluidity in all major games.

Here it is complemented by a 50-inch Bravia TV, which is large enough to provide superior visual comfort. This device generates a 4K image rich in detail and refreshed at 100Hz. HDR compatibility thus guarantees rendering quality at the height of the prefix 5.

The kit also includes a DualSense controller and headphones, allowing you to play without disturbing the rest of the family. A €50 PSN card will let you pamper yourself. Finally, we must not forget the all-important FIFA 23. With smoother action and new game modes (including the advent of women’s football), the famous saga continues to expand.

This good plan is the perfect opportunity to unleash the potential of the FIFA series. Of course, all of these devices are also available separately from Boulanger. For example, if you don’t want to change your TV, the PlayStation 5 and its best games are available at a good price on the site.

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