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It was recently known thanks to a report from Forbes as the artist Travis Scott reportedly generated around $ 20 million for its collaboration with Epic Games. If we ask Fortnite Battle Royale fans what they’ve been the major events of this year most remember that perhaps one of the most important would be the rapper’s concert at the Magistral Party which took place during the harshest months of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, when the citizen was confined to his home. Perhaps this reinforced the fact that his event was one of the most viewed from the history of the game with 27.7 million players enjoy the rapper’s music and the multi-colored show.

$ 20 million for Travis Scott concert

Of course the the collaboration between Scott and Epic Games has been most lucrative for both parties, there is no doubt. Travis Scott’s virtual concert was quite a milestone for the history of Fortnite and maybe even for the development of virtual concerts and events for games of this type. According to Forbes data, the rapper would have won about $ 20 million by its action.

Throughout the magazine’s detailed report the rapper’s figure is reviewed and his influence on marketing campaigns with various companies, such as McDonald’s or Sony himself, which recently chose Scott’s face to advertise the PlayStation 5. But the gig he gave at Fortnite is particularly striking. in April 2020 since, although it lasted barely 10 minutes reais, he pocketed an impressive sum of money thereafter (in the figure of 20 million including merchandising sales).

Travis Scott report for Forbes

In other words, the concert was repeated several times on Thursday April 23 and until Saturday April 25. preparing for the event was actually the most difficult. The meetings between the managers of Epic Games and Scott drag on During months, although the artist did not visit the headquarters of the video game studio in North Carolina.

Scott acknowledges that his Fortnite gig was an opportunity to create a world without limits, without rules or brakes, for endless fun.

Scott acknowledges that his Fortnite gig was: “an opportunity to create a world without limits, without rules or brakes, for endless fun”. Remember that Scott I broke records to overtake Marshmello, which had reached 10.7 million simultaneous viewers. Travis Scott managed 12.3 million and in total their added concerts 27.7 million unique players, an astronomical figure.

Epic Games has not officially declared how much Scott earned, or how much revenue they received from his event, but it’s more than obvious that it works because Throughout the year we attended many other concerts with popular artists at Fiesta Magistral, from Steve Aoki, deadmau5 to J Balvin. For now, it looks like Epic Games’ free to play hasn’t hit the cap yet. Will have to follow while waiting for your next events and see what surprises have in store for us.

Remember you can visit our complete guide know the best tips and tricks of the game and overcome all challenges easily. Fortnite is a free Battle Royale for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch and devices Android and iOS, you can read our analysis.

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