PS5: Impressive Load Times Based on Godfall Gameplay Video

PS5 and Xbox Series X / S load times will be the fastest we’ve seen on a video game console so far. A new gameplay video from Godfall shows off those awesome load times.

Godfall Loading Screen – Credit: フ ァ ミ 通 TUBE

One of the flagship features of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is their near-instant load times. This is made possible by the Lightning-fast 825 GB SSD which equips both consoles. The “VideoTech” Twitter account shared a Japanese gameplay video for Godfall. It’s an action-RPG slated for release on November 12 on PC via the Epic Games Store. It will be released on November 19 on PS5 to accompany the launch of the next-gen console in Europe. In addition to introduce us to Godfall for eight minutes, this video illustrates the loading times of the game.

Godfall loads in 7 seconds on PS5!

As you can see for yourself in the video, Godfall barely loads 7 seconds. That’s record time for a video game console! Of course, this YouTube video alone does not confirm that all load times for Godfall or even other games will be the same. However, this is still very good news.

In addition to the graphics and raw performance of the console, Sony has also put a lot of emphasis on improving the player experience. In the continuity of the impressive loading times, a feature will allow for example direct access to a game mode or a mission from the console menu without having to launch the game.

For the vast majority of players, be able to dive into a game in just a few seconds is a real godsend. However, these very short load times are not necessarily ideal for developers. For some of them, this speed even has a drawback because they will no longer have the opportunity to offer tips, information and artwork on the loading screens.


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