PS5 price increase: Microsoft softly fights Sony

After announcing the PS5 price increase in France, Sony is talking about the situation.

The day of August 25 will be marked with a red iron for PlayStation players. For the first time in history, Sony has announced a price increase for one of its consoles, and it also happens to be the most coveted the company has ever made. The PS5 is still almost impossible to find on the shelves or on the shelves of online stores, and yet it will cost you more.

Obviously, the negative reaction of the players was not long in coming. Online, Sony has been adorned with numerous critical posts accusing the firm of only thinking about its profits, and even threatening to switch sides by choosing to buy the Xbox Series X. A situation that particularly amuses PlayStation’s main rival. , which can’t help but remind our colleagues at Eurogamer that their consoles are still available at the same price.

Recall that the official price of the Xbox Series X was 500 euros, like the classic PS5 before the announcement of Sony, and a slightly less powerful and without a drive Xbox Series S is offered at a price of 300 euros. or €150 less than the digital PS5 currently. That doesn’t mean these consoles will stay where they are indefinitely, but the green team is using the opportunity anyway to grab players where they can, and that’s probably before the holiday season.

Historic price increase

€50: That’s what you’ll have to pay on top of the starting price of the Classic and Digital PS5 to be able to afford them. Note that these are increases of 10% and 12.5%, respectively, which remain fairly reasonable overall, albeit somewhat brash on Sony’s part. According to the brand, this decision was made after the phenomenon of global inflation, as well as a shortage of components, which for two years has only increased the cost of production and delivery of consoles.

So far, however, no official consequences for consumers have been seen other than the fact that the shelves could not be filled to meet demand. They also suffered unexpected consequences, such as controlling speculators or being resold at exorbitant prices. Thus, if the reasons for such a choice are fully understood, it is quite obvious that the disappointment of the players is also legitimate.

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