PS5: Pro or PS6 version, Sony would decide on the future of the console

Rumors about Sony’s future are starting to swirl online and they’re focusing on a potential PS6 instead of PS5 Pro.

With the PS5 coming out in 2020, it’s unlikely that a new home console will come out next year or the year after. The future of future next generation consoles from Sony is still unclear as far as their future projects are concerned.

On the other hand, the rumor that Sony will focus on the production of the PS6 and not the PS5Pro has just surfaced and seems very likely.

PS5 Pro not planned?

According to the xfire website, Sony will focus on the production of the PlayStation 6 and not the PS5 Pro.

Considering the PS5 is three years old and the demands still exceed Sony’s capabilities, it doesn’t make much sense to build a PS5 Pro to revive interest. Especially since no game now and in the near future will not be able to squeeze the maximum out of the console, so there is no need to create a more efficient and powerful version.

According to Tom Henderson, a very reliable whistleblower, it’s unlikely that a more powerful “Generation 2” PS5 will arrive when PS5 stocks, which were terrible, are finally back to meet demand.

On the other hand, he claims that he thinks a new PS5 model will be released, but without improvement.

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Published on 27.01.2023 at 12:00


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