PS5: Product Update & PS5 Pro Information!

After months of shortages, finding a PS5 in stock just got easier! If you’re still looking for a console, look below for a list of sites where you can order it.

PS5 is back in stock, check out which sites to order it from. – Signed canvas shopping experts
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Where to find PS5 today?

PS5 rhymes with disappointment for many. Between the insane prices displayed on some sites, the speculators who don’t hesitate to buy large quantities of PS5s and then resell them at sky-high prices, it’s still difficult to order a PS5 easily and especially quickly. Even if patience is the key word, things are getting better. After a crisis that lasted several months, limited stocks and shortages of components, Sony announced a shortage of PS5 in January last year. Everyone should be able to order their PS5 this year, whether it’s a Standard Edition or a Digital Edition. To increase the odds on your side, you can buy a bundle, often consisting of a PS5 plus games or accessories such as an optional DualSense controller. Among the sites presenting the PS5 today, we can mention Cdiscount, Rakuten, Rue du Commerce, Fnac or even Micromania!

➢ Check here for PS5 availability from the following reputed resellers:

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on Micromania

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on E.Leclerc

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on Carrefour

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on Rakuten

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on Amazon

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on Cdiscount

→ PlayStation 5 promotions on Fnac

→ PlayStation 5 Promotions on Baker

→ PlayStation 5 Promotions on Rue du Commerce

When will PS5 Pro be released?

While two PS5s were released in November 2020, the PS5 Pro has been rumored for months now. According to the latest information gathered, the PS5 Pro project has not been abandoned, and vice versa, Sony is in danger of releasing the console … very quickly. Thus, we can read that by the end of 2023, the new PlayStation 5, a console with a removable Blu-Ray drive, should see the light! However, this console, which aims to replace the existing PS5, is not a PS5 Pro. Indeed, the PS5 Pro should be introduced in 2024. While getting a PS5 has been difficult for over 2 years now, Sony is gearing up to release two consoles in just one year!

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