PS5 production will accelerate from 2021, assures Sony CEO

A PS5 (illustration). – Geeko

Six months after the release of the PlayStation 5, getting the famous console remains very complicated. The stores have little stock, due to a shortage of components that affects the entire electronics industry.

Good news though: Sony CEO Jim Ryan announced in an interview with Japanese media Nikkei that stocks of consoles would increase as of this year, reports Phonandroid. The Japanese company is currently lobbying its suppliers to obtain more parts needed to manufacture the PS5s.

Shortage of consoles AND games?

If Jim Ryan is optimistic, it’s hard to see how the situation could improve. For example, the company AMD, which among other things supplies Sony with processors for its consoles, also produces graphics cards. However, this market is much more interesting for the firm. Thus, the production of accessories for video game consoles is not a priority in the eyes of the players in the sector.

Another fear weighed on PS5 owners: the lack of new exclusive video games after the closure of the famous Japan Studio (“Bloodborne”, “Shadow of the Colossus”, “The Last Guardian”). Here too, Jim Ryan wanted to reassure. The PS5 will have the most games available for a console, he said. Many games are due out very soon.

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