PS5: PS VR 2 announced, Firewall Ultra, sequel to Firewall Zero Hour

Laurent P. Posted on September 8, 2022, 5:14 pm

New for PS5, more specifically PS VR 2! PlayStation announced on its blog on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the upcoming release of its Firewall Ultra VR headset, the sequel to Firewall Zero Hour released for PSVR. We sum up!

Finally PS VR 2 content on PS5! PlayStation announced on its blog on Tuesday, September 6, the upcoming release of the game for its Firewall Ultra VR headset developed by First Contact Entertainment on an as-yet-unknown date. A sequel to Firewall Zero Hour, released on PlayStation VR in August 2018, in which you play as agents, “contractors” who must fulfill contracts by eliminating targets.

So the new cut is “the next evolution of the Firewall franchise” that takes full advantage of the new features of Sony’s new headphones. As such, the character models have been remastered for higher visual quality with 4K and HDR, as have the maps, which have been redesigned to offer new areas and new textures. Work has also been done on eye tracking, allowing for intuitive weapon switching, among other things.

In terms of gameplay, the studio also explains that it has added a round system, and you’ll have to win at least two out of three to win. For the rest, we leave you a surprise! As for the plot of the game, it takes place five years after the first opus. Please note that your arsenal will also be customizable, just like in the first game. All you need to do is find out all this in the trailer.

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