PS5: PS5 Available at Micromania! Live drops

PS5. Find a Playstation 5 in Micromania this Friday! Packages are available that include the console, games, and accessories. We follow promotions directly with you.


[Mis à jour le 22 juillet 2022 à 12h09] Get up early to get a home console after the pandemic. The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series are suffering from a shortage of semiconductors as they struggle to keep up with high consumer demand. A particularly proven case for the PS5, which remains the most popular console among French gamers. At the moment, it can be found relatively regularly in French and European retailers, and right now it is replenished in Micromania. Follow the promotions and get our buying tips to get your PS5 hassle-free.

Our inventory for Friday, July 22nd is live.

  • 11:50 am: PS5 available at Micromania!
  • 8:30 am: Find a used and new console at Rakuten.

ATTENTION! A fruitful week for Playstation 5 buyers ends today with the arrival of the packs at Micromania. The French retailer’s website is fairly full at the moment, but you can always try adding the console to your cart directly from this link. This will allow you to avoid long queues and possibly confirm your purchase as soon as possible. If you still can’t add your console to your cart, try adding it to your wishlist, then go to your profile, wishlist, and add it to your cart from this page.

Console Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

Console Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

When it comes to used consoles, you will always be able to find a Playstation 5 for resale. A new or used Sony console has a real value well above its base price, and resellers understand this. Although the resale price of the Playstation 5 has fallen by several hundred euros in recent months, it remains very high despite some interesting offers on the Rakuten website. A purchase that remains reserved for the most motivated players who want to avoid the waltz of drops and purchases at full speed. Just be aware that the PlayStation 5 Digital costs €399, while the standard one costs €499.

For 18 months, shoppers have been battling to get their hands on the Playstation 5. The new game console is in high demand, and e-commerce sites are feeling it during a rare restocking and new promotions period. Indeed, on the latter, the crowd is large, with some pages completely collapsing in long queues. Speed ​​is the keyword of this new “sport”, which has certain rules that can be of great benefit to you. Indeed, each site has its own job, and this slide contains a few tricks to help you make a purchase as quickly as possible.

As you have already understood, the Playstation 5 belongs to the generation of consoles released directly from the warehouse. Remember when Sony’s last console was released it was November 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak, paralyzing economies around the world. Southeast Asia, a leading producer of semiconductor metals used in the manufacture of smart cards (i.e. processors and GPUs for consoles and PCs), has been hit hard, slowing down the production of consoles, graphics cards and even cars worldwide. A factor that is still being felt in the high-tech market, especially in the market for the latest generation of game consoles.

As far as the Playstation 5 and GPUs in general are concerned, things shouldn’t be back to normal before 2024. A prediction made by Pat Gelsinger, President and CEO of Intel, who confirms in an interview with CNBC that microchip production should bounce back. to its full potential by the end of 2023. An accurate experience, but a bad sign for console and PC gamers who expected to be able to enjoy a stable situation by the end of 2023 – the end of 2022.

The PS5 is still suffering from a shortage of supplies, and while this article isn’t infallible, it’s still aimed at giving you a weapon to try and buy a Sony console as soon as possible and without a hitch.

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