PS5 sales now exceed the launch of the PS4 lined up in Japan

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After all the fuss around the PlayStation 5’s launch in Japan – stock issues meant it was even behind the Nintendo Wii U at one point – the next-gen console is now selling faster than its predecessor, the PS4. , in the region when launching aligned. . It should be remembered that the PS4 only arrived in the country in February, which means that the two devices have different schedules, but the PS5 is still practically impossible to buy worldwide.

According to Famitsu’s hardware sales data, the PS4 had an installed base of 643,912 units at the end of its 24th week of sales, while the PS5 has now registered 658,778 units. Golden Week is just around the corner in Japan, which could give the next-gen console another bump – assuming, of course, that Sony can actually put some stock on the shelves. He will also be promoting Resident Evil Village over the next few days.

Unfortunately, the console doesn’t move the software at all. The week ending April 25 saw the release of the Judgment remaster on PS5, and SEGA dropped the price of physical copies to just ÂĄ 1,800 (~ US $ 16) in order to help push it. However, it only managed to sell 5,539 units according to Famitsu’s sales data. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 has exceeded 108,000 units on the PS4, and we’re curious if PS5 owners have decided to buy it instead.

It is still unclear what exactly is happening with PS5 software sales. Obviously, the industry as a whole is turning more to digital on the PS Store, as shown by Sony financial data. But the decline in PS5 versions like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – especially after its predecessor performed so well in Japan – has been huge. What exactly are local gamers playing on their next-gen consoles? Does backward compatibility affect sales of new software? Is the material purchased and exported to other Asian countries?

Resident Evil Village should give us some pointers, because although it is also available on PS4, this is the next PS5 tentpole release with real interest from Japanese consumers. If that fails, however – and we don’t expect the numbers to be extraordinary at all – then real questions need to be asked about what’s going on in the region. Sony is selling more games globally than ever before, of course, but its sales of physical software are now virtually non-existent in the domestic market.

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