PS5: Sony confirms a new PlayStation VR headset for its next-gen console

The question arose when the PlayStation 5 was launched: what about compatibility with the PlayStation VR headset? Sony has just shed some light on this subject by announcing that the PS5 will be entitled to a brand new virtual reality headset to make the most of its high-end graphics and VR games. But it won’t happen this year …

In a blog post, Sony reveals some details about this new PSVR. The Japanese firm promises a simplified installation an integrated movement tracking system, like what the Oculus Quest and other recent VR headsets do. This could therefore lead to the deletion of the PlayStation Camera.

New controllers and higher definition

This VR headset for the PS5 will use new controllers that will integrate certain technologies of the DualSense controllers. It will probably be the haptic system that provides a high level of realism and would bring a lot to virtual reality.

The PS5’s new VR headset will also have a higher definition. The current PSVR uses a 1080p display, while newer headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 have a much sharper display.

In an interview with GQ, Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, clarifies that the development kits for the next generation of the PSVR are “ about to go out “Adding that the helmet will be a” brand new VR format for PS5 “.

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Article from adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Scott Stein / CNET

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