PS5: Sony will remove the feature from the console, any regrets?

The Praises feature, launched at the same time as the PS5 marketing, will finally be removed from the Sony console. A decision made by the Japanese manufacturer, probably because it was hardly used by the players. For people who don’t know what braces mean (and we fully understand them, we forgot about them too), it’s just a feature that allows you to send pre-recorded comments to other players in an online game to thank them for sharing or a moment spent together. The awarded person was then given a badge on their profile to show their benevolence. Unfortunately, due to the indifference of the players to these awards, Sony Interactive Entertainment admitted that the success was not in vain, and it was decided to withdraw the feature from next fall. Let’s not forget that in return, Sony will create PlayStation Stars, a loyalty program that will reward players with gifts, which should be very popular in the community…


How to send a hug on PS5 console
After completing the online multiplayer game, follow the instructions on the screen.
The Hug screen appears. Select the player you want to hug. Select the curly brace to send.
Your hug has been sent.
Hugs are limited to one per player per match. Hugs are sent anonymously. You can only hug the same player once every 12 hours. You do not have the ability to send hugs to your friends or players you have blocked.

How to check braces on PS5 console
On the home screen or in the Control Center, select your profile picture, then “Profile”. Select Braces. Find out how many awards you have received: “Utility”, “Cheer”, “Skill of Sports”, “Leader”.
You can view other players’ rewards on their profile screen. To change notification settings for curly braces, go to the Home screen and select Settings > Notifications.

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