PS5: the new version of the console is already disappointing players

No, a new version of the PlayStation 5 has not been released. In truth, Sony hasn’t even announced it yet. But that doesn’t stop some players from getting frustrated. Welcome to the Internet.

This is the “new” PlayStation 5, we already told you about it last year. Technically identical to the two versions already known to us (with or without a Blu-Ray reader), this new model will feature a more or less useful accessory: a removable Blu-Ray reader.

Presented by Insider Gaming, this project will allow the two versions to be mixed without being a PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro. Several developers are already testing the console, and according to early reviews, the console “will work great.” So why are players disappointed? Well, simply because this removable drive cannot be connected to the current version of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

Did you opt for the discless version of the PlayStation 5 when it was released (or when the stock was more or less correct)? You will not be able to add this player to it. A real bogus problem, in truth, except for a few buyers who settled on the PS5 Digital Edition because the CD reader version was out of stock.

But even so, it’s hard to blame Sony, which has always clearly understood the difference between the two models. As to why this removable drive (which, I remind you, has not yet been confirmed) cannot be connected to an already existing PS5, we will find out soon enough. At least if the rumors are true…

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