PS5: The PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer be offered soon

To convince early buyers of its PS5 that they would have enough games at launch to take advantage of the latter, Sony launched the PlayStation Plus Collection initiative to offer just under twenty games. games from the PS4 catalog to their PlayStation Plus subscribers. Pretty good entry catalog that however often duplicates the PlayStation Plus games offered each month, especially with the advent of the PlayStation Plus Extra tier which gives access to many of these games. That’s why Sony is going to stop releasing the PlayStation Plus Collection in a few months.

Gifts are over

You don’t have much time left to claim these titles as the PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer be offered to PS5 subscribers starting May 9th. This was confirmed today on the PlayStation Blog.

This means you will no longer be able to get your hands on games like God of War, Days Gone, Final Fantasy XV, or even Monster Hunter World through this service. If you have already added these games to your library, you will be able to redownload them if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription (any level). But if you buy a PS5 with a subscription after this date, you may miss out on this welcome gift.

The decision is likely motivated by a desire to get consumers to join PlayStation Plus Extra, the service that has these games. But it’s still a shame for future PS5 buyers who wanted to limit themselves to PlayStation Plus Essentials.

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