PS5: the Watch Dog Legions game is finally coming to the console!

Games on PS5 are multiplying. The game Watch Dog Legions will be playable on the Play but also on Xbox Series.

Watch Dog Legions: a delayed release…

If the exit was expected for the month of May, the action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft, was long overdue.

Thus, the 60 FPS mode arrives from June 1st. Good news for video game enthusiasts!

In fact, the Watch Dog Legions game team released a statement:

We are very happy to see the excitement caused by the TU 4.0 update and new content brought to both Solo and Online mode […]

Our next big patch for all platforms will be TU 4.5, than we hope to deploy on June 1. We had planned to release it at the end of May, but we want to make sure that the teams working on the different parts of the content have the time they need to create the best gaming experiences possible. […]

We are delighted to announce that 60 fps mode, or “performance mode”, will land on console with the TU 4.5. You will also have the option to play with your friends on the same family of consoles: Xbox One gamers with Xbox Series X gamers | S, and PlayStation 4 players with PlayStation 5 players.

The Ps5: a rare console!

Since its release in November 2020, the Ps5 is still out of stock. Fault at its immense success on the Internet and in stores.

A console which is now available in 2 versions: the Standard version and the Digital version. A successful bet that has passed over 7.8 million copies in just six months!

A solid score since Sony expected to reach 7.6 million Ps5 sold. Its predecessor – the PS4 – sold out at more than 115, 9 million sales since its release.

Players are at on the lookout for less information to have every chance of buying the console. Some did not hesitate at schedule alerts received by email to be notified in case of new stocks.

The few shops, such as Micromania or Fnac, can register on the waiting list in case of replenishment of the Play.

Others resell the Ps5 on social networks. On Snapchat, it is not uncommon to see console resellers

But according to Sony boss Hiroki Totoki, the situation will not improve anytime soon.. Indeed, the demand is so strong that Sony is not able to produce enough consoles to satisfy all of its customers.

Like I said earlier we are aiming higher sales volume to that of the PS4. But can we significantly increase the supply? No, it is not likely.

I don’t think demand is calming down this year and while we do get to secure a lot more devices and produce a lot more PlayStation 5 consoles next year, our stock will not be able to catch up with demand.

It only remainsat expect !

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