PS5 UK Stock Was So Bad In April, Even PS4 Topped It

PS5 PlayStation 5 UK Stock 1

Sony did a reasonable job of rebuilding PlayStation 5 stock specifically in the UK this year, but April has been a fruitless month for the next-gen console in Britain. In fact, the offer was so bad that the Japanese giant’s new system was overtaken by its predecessor. Now, obviously, the PS4 is still a shiny box with a huge software library and significant lifespan ahead of it, but it is a reminder of how bad the supply situation is right now.

There is a new batch of PS5 action is expected to hit European shores this month, so we’re sure the system will see further increase in sales once these units arrive. Fortunately, things are a lot rosier for the format when you factor in other data: Returnal was the eighth best-selling title of the month with digital data included – despite the game launching on April 30. Likewise, accessories like the DualSense and Pulse 3D wireless headphones continue to sell extraordinarily well.

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