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PS5. Sony’s latest console continues to be in the news this fall 2022. After the new model and price increase, the PS5 is still in high demand among the French.


[Mis à jour le 15 septembre 2022 à 10h39] 4K resolution, refresh rate up to 120Hz, SSD, Playstation 5 specifications are extremely attractive. A good reason to try and find it for the thousands of French people who have been trying to get it since its release at the end of 2020. Except that the console remains untracked. Sony is experiencing great production difficulties due to a shortage of micro-components, which greatly affects the electronic chip market. But things have improved recently with the introduction of the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West and FIFA 23 packs. We’ll help you find them with our daily stock tracker and buying tips.

Our Thursday, September 15 PS5 Stock Tracker Live

  • 10:00 a.m.: The PlayStation 5 can be bought second-hand for a high price on Rakuten (see below).
Console Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

Console Sony PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

If you want to get a Playstation 5, you can also opt for a used purchase. Consoles are regularly rented out for resale on sites like Rakuten, and the sellers sometimes give you great deals. Notably, in the aftermath of the PS5 price hike, some deals could very well be near-lucrative. But don’t forget, the PS5 is a rarity, and retailers are well aware of this, sometimes offering the console at exorbitant prices. As a reminder, PS5 Digital is priced at €449.99 and PS5 Standard is priced at €549.99.

For 18 months, shoppers have been battling to get their hands on the Playstation 5. The new game console is in high demand, and e-commerce sites are feeling it during a rare restocking and new promotions period. Indeed, on the latter, the crowd is large, with some pages completely collapsing in long queues. Speed ​​is the keyword of this new “sport”, which has certain rules that can be of great benefit to you. Indeed, each site has a different job, and this slide contains a few tricks to help you make a purchase as quickly as possible.

It is the information about this beginning of September that confirms some of the rumors that have been heard in recent weeks. The new PS5 models have arrived at select stores in Australia. Their feature? Different serial number from previous models and slightly reduced weight from 3.6 to 3.4 kg. It’s hard to talk about the Playstation 5 Slim yet, although the console seems to be on a bit of a diet. At this point, the reason for this sudden relief is still unknown. Usually this “new model”, to extrapolate the facts a bit, should be rolled out in France in the coming weeks.

If there wasn’t any bad news this summer, here’s another one that video game players won’t like much. Sony has taken the decision to increase the selling price of the Playstation 5 by just over 10% in certain regions of the world. The de facto console sees the price of its standard version go up from €499 to €549, while the digital version goes from €399 to €449. An increase justified by Jim Ryan in an article on the Playstation blog (Jim Ryan – CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) by the climate of global inflation.

This increase is effective immediately in the affected regions, namely the UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China and Japan. Only the United States was spared. In a blog post announcing the price increase, Sony said: “The global economic environment is challenging for many of you around the world. You can see high inflation rates and exchange rate curves that are hostile to the environment, affecting the lives of consumers and putting a lot of pressure on many. Based on these economic conditions, SIE has made the difficult decision to increase the selling price of the Playstation 5 in certain markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Canada.” Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment

For third-party gamers who find it hard to swallow the pill, the 10% increase remains consistent despite Sony’s excuses. The Japanese company claims to be following the development of the market in conditions of strong inflation after the coronavirus pandemic and the start of the war in Ukraine. The company claims to put consumer interests first and is trying to maintain its margins on the production of the Playstation 5, which is no doubt becoming more expensive due to higher prices for various raw materials.

The number of consoles available in the market is also the subject of the last paragraph of Jim Ryan’s blog post, which states: “While this price increase is a necessity given the global economic climate and its impact on the SIE, our primary goal remains to improve PS5 supply worldwide. so that as many players as possible can enjoy everything PS5 has and will offer in the future.” It should be noted that in 2022 the supply was the best on the French market, while experts expect a return to normal by 2024.

On the other hand, there is one who is likely to smile after this announcement. And yes, this is the Xbox series. The official competitor of the Playstation 5 keeps its original selling price for now, which gives it a clear advantage over the Japanese console. So the Xbox Series S can always be found at €300, while its big sister Xbox Series X keeps its €500 selling price. A price difference that could well turn the hearts of some buyers in favor of the American console. However, it is possible that Microsoft will announce such an increase in the coming months.

As you have already understood, the Playstation 5 belongs to the generation of consoles released directly from the warehouse. Remember when Sony’s last console was released it was November 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak, paralyzing economies around the world. Southeast Asia, a leading producer of semiconductor metals used in the manufacture of smart cards (i.e. processors and GPUs for consoles and PCs), has been hit hard, slowing down the production of consoles, graphics cards and even cars worldwide. A factor that is still being felt in the high-tech market, especially in the market for the latest generation of game consoles.

As far as the Playstation 5 and GPUs in general are concerned, things shouldn’t be back to normal until 2024. A prediction made by Pat Gelsinger, President and CEO of Intel, who confirms in an interview with CNBC that microchip production should return to its previous levels. reach their full potential by the end of 2023. An accurate experience, but a bad sign for console and PC gamers who expected to be able to enjoy a stable situation by the end of 2022.

The PS5 is still suffering from a shortage of supplies, and while this article isn’t infallible, it’s still aimed at giving you a weapon to try and buy a Sony console as soon as possible and without a hitch.

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