PS6: Sony is already on your next console?

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The video game industry is changing fast, very fast. In this regard, even though the PS5 was released only ten months ago, some curious are wondering when the PS6 might land. Possibly we will be given a first piece of information through a job offer …

Is the PS6 already in the boxes?

With all eyes on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X restocking, we’re already talking about the next generation. This may seem avant-garde to many, and yet: a job listing posted by Sony puts the tip in the ears of many netizens, the company looking for a PhD intern for their Research and Development, on PlayStation. At descriptive of the position, we can see a very precise mention like this:

What will you do: …

  • Contribute to the identification and development of the technological portfolio of future PlayStation platforms.

It goes without saying that the mention of “future PlayStation platforms” is obviously reminiscent of the PlayStation 6, or at least a PlayStation 5 Pro, more than likely.

really amazing news?

If for many it seems surprising to evoke the PS6 already, it is necessary to know in fact that the different actors are working very fast on their new machine to be able to prepare the next cycle. Étant donné les enjeux et l’énormité de la production, l’ingénierie commence souvent bien tôt: the development of the PS4 avait ainsi began in 2008, whereas the PS3 n’avait commencé sa carrière qu’in 2006 (et même 2007 par in our house). Likewise, for the PS5, estimates point to a design start in 2015, just two after the arrival of the PS4.

If the PlayStation 6 really is in this job offer, we can bet an exit around 2027, given the average of a generation of consoles. At least, if it is a physical console and not a fully digital platform, which could well be the case with Microsoft when we analyze its policy for Xbox.

As a reminder, no later than a few days ago, we tell you about the PS5 Pro, at the center of the rumors after a possible leak. Who knows what the future holds!

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