PSG to launch Academy network for video game players

Identify and train future professional video game players. This is the objective of Paris Saint-Germain, which will soon create an Academy network, according to our colleagues at franceinfo. Players will be able, if they have the level, to integrate a professional team of Paris Saint-Germain esports, but this is not the main objective of the project.

“We will rather try to implement what we have been doing since 2011 in the Academy part of football, where in fifteen countries of the world, you can practice football every week with a Paris-Saint-Germain methodology. We will try to duplicate this model in esport, starting with France, of course “, Fabien Allègre, director of diversification for the Paris Saint-Germain brand, explained to franceinfo.

A program with different levels

As in football, the goal of Paris Saint-Germain esports is to open a network of academies with different levels. Begining with “a program open to all without particular selection, up to, of course, the pre-training and signing in professionals”, details Fabien Allègre.

The support promises to be demanding and comprehensive. “We have the advantage of having, in the backbone of this training, all the elements that make it up, including nutrition and a real physical training program”, he specifies, while Paris Saint-Germain esports has just participated in the World Championships of League of Legends, the largest video game competition in the world. The capital club failed at the gates of the quarterfinals.

PSG has been investing in the competitive dimension of video games since 2016. For this Academy project, the club wishes “take time”, specifies the director of diversification of the Paris Saint-Germain brand, to franceinfo. It will be “in a time which will be, I hope, short”, but Fabien Allègre does not yet know where the first premises in France for this program could be located.

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