PSVR 2: Bloodborne Producer Teruyuki Toriyama Goes VR!

There is nothing to be afraid of because the role of a producer is neither that of a developer, nor that of a creative on a game. He is the person in charge of supervising the development of the game. He manages or allocates the budget. The role of Teruyuki Toriyama is therefore to assess the interest of the project in all its aspects: technical, artistic, legal, financial, human resources and marketing. He participates in the design of the Game and study the market.

The producer is making clear his intention to develop VR games for theOculus Quest 2 :

Consumer equipment such as the Playstation is developed with a lifecycle of approximately 8 years. In contrast, hardware for virtual reality, such asOculus Quest, is very similar to the evolution of smartphones, evolving every one to two years. With this trend, theOculus Quest 5 and 6 may have been published at the time of the release of the “Playstation 6“. The speed of its evolution must exceed our imagination. This is why we must constantly challenge new technologies while predicting that hardware will evolve at this speed.

He adds in the press release announcing his arrival at ThirdVerse:

“With the evolution of technology, VR devices no longer require consoles, more high-end PCs, more cables, etc., making it easier for everyone to enjoy VR.”

Teruyuki Toriyama clearly refers here to Quest 2 but he nevertheless responded with these words on Twitter to Shuhei Yoshida who congratulated him on his new job:

Thank you ! I’ll do my best to develop some PSVR2 titles!

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