PSVR 2: One of the best VR games of the moment introduces these new features

PSVR 2 is out soon and Pistol Whip will be joining the party from launch. The icing on the cake, he will use helmet technology like no other!

With at least 30 games launching and more announced, the PSVR 2 headset will have enough to satisfy its customers, even if gamers who take the plunge are still a little shy.
Among the games announced, we find in particular Pistol Whip, a VR game that already made a splash when it was released in 2019 and that continues to be a hit in all modern VR media. I will also have a second youth on PSVR 2, and I intend to use absolutely all the possibilities of the machine.

Pistol Whip reveals what he has in PSVR 2

In this powerful and very physical shooter, we are asked to go through several levels in the style of a rail shooter, dodging bullets and enemies, while defending ourselves with one or two pistols. Blending a charged rhythm game, Superhot with a John Wick twist, Pistol Whip will use its PSVR 2 appearance to place the package.

In addition to the obvious visual improvements, the game will use the headset’s haptic feedback to make us feel the slightest hit. The headband vibrations also let you feel the balls hitting your head, not to mention the 3D sound that enhances the immersion.

The new PSVR2 Sense controllers, equipped with a touch sensor and six-axis motion detection, create a more realistic shooting experience. Unique reload sound effects for each weapon, dynamic resistance or even haptic feedback for blank fire. In addition, three types of sound effects for melee attacks provide a different feel when weapons hit enemies.

Players will now feel increased resistance when pulling the trigger, straightening shortly before pulling it far enough for the weapon to fire until the resistance drops to zero.

The PSVR2 headset’s native vibrations work in conjunction with the controller’s haptic feedback and 3D audio, and will work together to respond to in-game hits – or close to misses. By dynamically adjusting the position of the sound, players will even hear and feel the balls go past their heads.

Via PlayStation Blog

The best version of the game?

Of course, the game will benefit from a big optimization of motion detection (down to the finger), and will also play with the adaptive triggers of the PSVR 2 controllers. On the other hand, it is not said if it will use eye tracking, as in the terrifying The Dark Pictures: Switchback
All in all, Pistol Whip for PSVR 2 seems to be the perfect option for enjoying the game.

The Pistol Whip has been updated numerous times since its release. Now it has a semi-narrative single-player campaign, dozens of levels, many game modes and a wide selection of all kinds of weapons. Stop playing for hours.

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