PSVR 2, Sony, Netflix and VR VOD. The era of services is on its way …

For the moment therefore, Netflix wants to focus on mobile games… first. This offer should even arrive in 2022! Rumors on this subject are more and more frequent and one of them, relatively well documented, even announces a merger between Sony (PlayStation) & Netflix!

We can already tell you that Sony and Netflix share very good relations. Last April, Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a licensing partnership for feature films in the United States. The official PS5 remote has its built-in Netflix button. The market is changing and even if the Playstation now has not really changed on its offer since its launch in 2014, it may well be that things accelerate in the coming years. The Gamepass is slowly establishing itself, any action inevitably leads to a reaction from the competition … Sony Studios are now on Steam and already offer PlayStation exclusives on PC (Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and soon Uncharted 4). It therefore becomes obvious that we will be able to play Sony games in the future. Valve Steam Deck ! (It gets completely crazy when you think about it!).

Finally, the developer Steve moser discovered a series of images in the source code of the iOS mobile application (Iphone / Ipad) of Netflix ! We can see on these 4 images a “SHARK” logo which would be the provisional name of the Cloud Gaming service of netflix, The N Game logo (for Netflix Game), an image showing two Sony Dualsense controllers and finally an image of the game Ghost of Tsushima which is a First Party title exclusive to Sony consoles!

The future that seems to be shaping up looks like a big meal tray with lots of subscriptions to all kinds of sauces and hardware that will no longer be at the center of the equation in the near future. It is possible that Sony seeks to bring mobile versions of its big hits on console… Jim Ryan already spoke about it… In the current state of the things, one cannot really say…

And you, what do you think of all this?

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