PSVR 2 TEST: DOBE support and charging station, an indispensable accessory for PlayStation VR 2

We discovered the PSVR 2 support and charging station from the DOBE brand by visiting the PSVR 2 France Facebook group and reading the enthusiastic comments, so we contacted the seller to test the product. In this way, you can put on the helmet and, above all, charge the PlayStation VR 2 Sense without having to connect them. A week has passed since we installed it, and now we can give you our opinion on this accessory.

Ordered on Amazon, delivery is fast and without problems. Upon receipt, the box is compact and plays with the PlayStation brand’s color codes of white and blue. One logo reminds that the design is registered, and the other that the brand has existed since 1999. A slight subtlety, the angle “For PS VR2” instead of “For PSVR 2” indicates that this is an unlicensed product. The box contains various parts to assemble the stand, two magnetic adapters for PSVR 2 Sense, and a USB Type-C cable for the power supply.

DOBE PSVR2 14 Stand and Charging StationIt assembles in a minute with no need to read instructions, and the overall look is aesthetically pleasing. Two magnetic adapters plug into the PSVR 2 Sense’s USB Type-C port, the cable on the back connects to a USB port on a PlayStation 5 or better with an AC adapter (not included). The tray that the helmet fits into has a slot in the back, allowing you to lay it flat on the floor without hesitation and also keep it in place. On the controller side, their two slots are perfect for them and offer fast charging. The connection is made without any other manipulations, except for their introduction. The current passes through magnetic USB Type-C adapters and works fine. Also, and it’s really very noticeable, there’s no need to be precise in applying it, the construction and magnetization do a great job of putting the levers in the right place. The charge level is not accurately tracked, which is very bad, but as soon as the batteries are charged, the indicator turns blue. Controllers are stored in such a way that they can be taken directly without thinking. By the way, it’s a little more, which saves a little time for those who, like us, regularly hesitate for a few seconds before deciding how to catch them.

DOBE PSVR2 10 stand and charging stationDOBE PSVR2 11 Stand and Charging StationDOBE PSVR2 12 Stand and Charging StationDOBE PSVR2 18 Stand and Charging StationDOBE PSVR2 17 Stand and Charging StationDOBE PSVR2 24 Stand and Charging StationDOBE Stand and charging station PSVR2 04DOBE Stand and charging station PSVR2 02DOBE Stand and charging station PSVR2 03

In the end, this DOBE (pronounced Dobie) brand charging and support station won us over with its design and ease of use. The rear slot means you don’t have to hesitate to put on your helmet, it’s all very stable, placement of the controllers is done without having to fiddle, and finally, charging is very fast as long as you use the charger and not the console’s USB port. To be fussy, we’d like a battery level marker rather than a simple display to indicate when it’s low, but that doesn’t change the fact that this accessory is a must-have for those with a PlayStation VR 2.


  • Nice design
  • General stability
  • Easy installation of the helmet and controllers


  • Missing battery level indicator

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