PSVR: Perp Games carries 2 new PlayStation VR games in physics

Used to boxing many PSVR games, publisher Perp Games continues to add to its physical collection by adding FORM and Twilight Path games in a few weeks.

Like other studios, Charm Games therefore decides in turn to trust Perp Games to see two of their VR games end up on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. Released a few months apart in 2020 on the PlayStation Store, FORM and Twilight Path will meet again from of 5 March 2021 in a single box.

In recent weeks, the Perp Games collection has also hosted other PSVR games such as Drunkn Bar Figh, Budget Cuts and Ninja legends. The physical version of Pixel Ripped 1989 that had been announcede in June 2020 has still not seen the light of day, but should however not delay according to the publisher.

Although the digital market is brutally crushing the physical market, it is clear that Perp Games continues to allocate its services to virtual reality game developers. And if on your side, your heart also balances on the side of physical games and you want to perfect your own collection, here are the PSVR titles published by Perp Games:

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