PSVR2, Eye Tracking, Tobii and goggles… So does it work?

PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 coming soon… There are no exact dates, but we know we will hear about it at the beginning of the school year… Meanwhile, the Swedish company TOBII AB has confirmed that its technologyEye tracking will be officially integrated into Sony’s PSVR2. As usual, in order to protect themselves, Sony will certainly take some precautions in their communication, something like epileptics on PS4 or PS5, or as “advice” not to use PSVR for children under 12… Therefore, Sony will definitely mention a few specific cases, which can create eye tracking problems… The slightest of these posts could lead to a surge of Bad Buzz online… We remember tons of YouTubers who shouted loud and clear that PlayStation VR and VR were making people sick in 2016. …

We’ve already seen several videos and several comments stating that PSVR2’s eye-tracking technology won’t work if the player is wearing glasses! The seed of doubt has been sown… It’s better to say it right away before the whole web burns down!

To answer this question, we didn’t talk to the developers, or PlayStation, or any of the influencers (which we are, in fact), we decided to contact directly the people who are best able to answer this question. TOBII AB in Stockholm, Sweden!

So today we’re bringing you a 16-minute video dedicated specifically to eyetracking, Tobii, goggle wearers asking questions, and of course PSVR2! In this video, we will discuss the uses and benefits of Eye Tracking and detail the TOBII technology through feedback from the company’s engineers directly from Sweden.

Good video everyone!

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