PSVR2: LEAK, Half Life Alyx is coming to PlayStation VR2!

Today, a new rumor, which, like the previous ones, does not speak conventionally. Information taken from, created by Staffan Ulmert. Staffan Ulmert made a name for himself in the music world when he launched a website in 2012 that specializes in album leaks. Today, his site has diversified its content with politics, technology, video games, music, and movies. just posted an article that doesn’t go there on Path 4, its headline is: “Half Life Alyx arrives on PlayStation VR2”.

Our source confirms the rumors.

Our source told us that Sony had been in talks with Valve about Half Life Alyx for a long time before coming to an agreement. The game was exclusive to most PC-compatible VR headsets, but Sony acquired the rights to release it in 2023. According to our source, it won’t be released at the same time as VR2 launches. And it’s unclear if this will be a remaster or an improved deluxe version of Half Life Alyx. Our source has already received reliable and very real information.

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