Psychonauts 2: The title of Double Fine coming soon?

Game news Psychonauts 2: The title of Double Fine coming soon?

A little less than a month ago, Double Fine reassured players by indicating that Psychonauts 2 will arrive well this year, despite the many postponements suffered. The studio did not dare to give a date, but things seem to be accelerating.

Last night, Games Rant released what appeared to be new footage from Psychonauts 2. The studio reacted quickly, stating that they were from a video from December 2020. Double Fine obviously didn’t want to let go. players with poor quality images, and unveiled new ones. We accompany these with other captures, published on Microsoft Store listing of the title, recently updated. Usually very quiet, lthe studio no longer hesitates to intervene on social networks. From there to indicating that the title is closer to coming out than you think, there is only one step, especially since pre-loading of the game is already possible. This was spotted by a user of ResetEra, and we were able to experience it ourselves, taking the opportunity to find that it weighs 28.19 GB. In general, the preloading of a game is only possible when a title has announced its release date, and it has gone “gold”.

Psychonauts 2 is expected this year on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PS4. The precise release date has not yet been communicated by the studio.

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